Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t want anyone to be worried or uncertain about what to expect when booking our luxury units, so in the first instance please just give a call and we can talk you through the whole process and answer any questions. However, to get you started we have some of our most frequently asked questions below, together with a brief answer to them.

How soon in advance can the units be delivered?

Usually the units are delivered and set up a few days prior to the event. But we can be flexible to suit the event requirements.

Do the units need a water and electric supply?

Our units only require a power supply whilst in use.

Can we use the unit over multiple days?

Yes but please tell us if you plan to do this, so we can calculate if capacity will be sufficient.  We can always schedule a service and budget for this in the initial quote.

Can the units be built into a marquee?

Yes, any of our units can be set up as part of the internal marquee structure. We can work out delivery to fit in with the build.

Can you supply the easy access plastic toilets with the luxury unit?

Yes, we usually supply these at request from clients to suit the needs of some guests who may find the steps to the units difficult. Please contact us to discuss.