As a result of the devastating Covid19 pandemic a huge amount of our regular bookings have been forced to cancel. This must have been very upsetting for anyone who has spent weeks, months or even years planning such special occasions.  At Follys we have been working with all our clients to reschedule either later in the year or more likely next year. We have also been very busy taking new bookings for next year, I’m sure everyone will be ready to let their hair down and party once this nightmare is over.

During the Pandemic, some of our units have been put to good use supporting local businesses and NHS sites that have needed to stay open either associated with the food chain or care.  Our facilities have enabled such sites to offer additional facilities either for delivery drivers going on site and needing to be kept separate or just additional space and washing  facilities.

The pictures above show one of our white 3+1 units at an NHS site in the North West.  The Field hospital was built on the existing surgery car park, the build had a huge amount of flexibility built into the design, initially specifically as a covid19 ward, which later became a temporary triage unit.  Our 3+1 is available for the staff onsite giving them additional facilities, most importantly  extra hand wash stations.

Since the easing of the lock down, we have supplied a number of local businesses with additional facilities to help with social distancing.  Our units can be set up with one way systems in place if necessary.  The whole of the ladies/gents sides can be used as a very spacious individual toilet/washroom or as the image above shows, used normally but modified to maintain the advised social distancing.  This image is of a green 3+1 unit at a large food manufacturing company in the midlands, where drivers coming onsite have this facility and avoids contact with existing staff.