Follys has been busy with the continuation of the 2017 contract to supply temporary toilet facilities to a very well known national supermarket.  We supply a 3+1 toilet trailer and disabled unit at each store whilst the in-store facilities undergo renovation.

Often our units will be powered by a generator where power is not available, making the facility truly stand alone.  Each store renovation usually takes 7 days. During this period, we deliver the units and service onsite.  Our onsite service can be tailor made to suit the clients’ needs in terms of timelines and what is required, from a complete service which would include a waste tank suck out, clean water refill, consumables restocked and cleaned throughout, effectively a new hire, through to just a waste tank suck out and fresh water refill.

On this particular contract the in-house supermarket maintenance staff will restock and clean the units as they would ordinarily for the in store facilities and Follys just take care of the general running of the units.

Due to the supermarkets being busy in the day, most servicing was done late at night or early in the morning at the clients’ request.