There are many reasons to choose Follys over our competitors, here are five reasons why you should.

  1. Luxury.  There are plenty of people claiming to have “luxury toilets” but what does this actually mean?  To us it not only means spotlessly clean but also smells nice and has all the comforts you would expect from a high end establishment, even in the middle of a field!  Its in the details too, such as floor to ceiling cubicle doors, high quality soaps/moisturisers, warm hand wash water,  air fresheners, heaters for early/late season bookings or chilly summer evenings, quality soft hand towels and toilet rolls in convenient dispensers.  Basically all these things are what make our units a nice and comfortable place to be.
2. Design.  All our units have been carefully designed to provide what our customers want, not only the visual things that have already been detailed but things like having doors on both sides, this provides much more flexibilty when locating on site and gives our customers much more options on where its possible to position the unit.  Sometimes even the best laid plans don’t work out and things may need to change when it comes to setup, details like this can make a huge difference.  Not only do our units look great but all the surfaces are designed with hygiene in mind, whether its the crisp white walling in most of our units but also the vinyl wrapped walls in our themed.  This means that our customers can expect a hardwearing surface that’s easy to keep hygienically clean.
3.Choice.  We have a great range of units in size and style, inside and out.  Having these choices means our customers can choose the right unit for their event.  We have multiple units in each style, which means not only more availability but matching muliple units for the larger events.  Sizes start with our luxury disabled which can be used not just for wheelchair access but also as a high end single unit/changing room. Then its the handy little 1+1 units, which are great on driveways or garden parties.  The  2+1 units which are great for a slightly larger but compact event and the units we have most of, the 3+1’s in all styles.  Please visit our Luxury Toilet Trailers section of our website to find pictures and specifications of each unit we have.
4. Experience.  We have been hiring luxury toilet trailers for over ten years and this is all we do.  This means that our customers benefit from our undivided attention, we are specialists, which brings specific knowledge of which units work best in particular locations at particular events with particular guest numbers.  We understand that preparation is the key and all our units undergo a rigorous service before every hire which not only includes a deep clean and restock but a routine testing regime ready for a trouble free hire.  We also offer an onsite service, which is very useful when consecutive events are planned on the same location.


5. Peace of mind.  We don’t cut corners, whether its waste disposal or trailer maintenance, we do the job right.  We are fully insured with £10m public liability, we have a waste carriers license and all waste is handled and disposed of as per environment agency guidelines at our local severn trent tankered waste disposal plant.  All our trailers undergo atleast an annual service by a qualified NTTA technician, which reduces the risks of breakdowns and means we can arrive when we say we will.