At Follys we have been really busy during the Christmas period and beyond, with lots of Christmas parties and winter weddings galore!  Dont be put off having an outdoor event by the winter weather.  We work closely with lots of different marquee providers to accommodate our luxury toilet units actually inside the marquee.

From the pictures you can see one of our beautiful white 3+1 units not only inside but built into the raised floor of the marquee.  The guests at this event didn’t even need to step up into the unit to enjoy the pristine contemporary and modern facilities.  From the picture below, you can see how the marquee provider was in the process of decorating the area around the unit with accessories such as mirrors, flowers and pictures as well as incorporating a cloakroom. 

We provided multiple units for a large event in Manchester over the Christmas period.  To shield the guests from the winter weather, five of our green luxury trailers were located alongside numerous marquees, enabling guests to access the facilities without having to venture outdoors.  This also helped the event organisers  deal with event security.  Whilst many of our winter events will still be located outside, the option to build in is always there in some form.  Remember all our luxury trailers have heaters and warm running water which is always welcomed.